Apsia et Apprentis d’Auteuil accélèrent leur engagement au service de l’éducation et de l’insertion

In a context of health and economic crisis where young people in difficulty are increasingly numerous, Apsia has chosen to commit to « Apprentis d’Auteuil » to promote professional integration. This partnership enables the foundation’s schools to benefit from Apsia’s expertise in digital transformation.

A shared commitment to young people in difficulty

« Apprentis d’Auteuil » is a foundation that has been recognised as a public utility since 1929. It supports more than 30,000 young people and 6,000 families in difficulty. It supports young people in difficulty through reception, education, training and integration programmes in France and abroad to enable them to become the free and fulfilled adults of tomorrow.

Education and professional integration of young people in vulnerable situations are two causes that are particularly relevant to Apsia. Indeed, for many years, Apsia has been committed to supporting projects and foundations that help young people and the most disadvantaged. For example, Ranya, a third-year student within one of the “Apprentis d’Auteuil” school, was welcomed for a “live my life” day alongside the Apsians through the Télémaque association, which works for equal opportunities in education.

Apsia immediately identified with the values shared by the foundation for over 150 years, in line with a strong identity built around human responsibility. The digital transformation specialist is thus committed to developing actions to prevent exclusion through education.

Support and involvement based on people and technology

Since 2020, Apsia has chosen to contribute to this cause by using its resources and skills to support « Apprentis d’Auteuil » as if it were a real client. By providing its support in the field through a skills sponsorship, Apsia is making its expertise in digital transformation available to the foundation by assisting the educational teams with the technological transition. In this context, the Nature and Services High school was able to benefit from tailor-made support to accelerate its digital transition in the service of education and innovative teaching methods.

Daphné Baufle, Head of Partnerships at Apprentis d’Auteuil, stresses that : « this partnership with Apsia is a real opportunity to meet our objectives of helping young people find employment. Apsia’s know-how is invaluable in supporting our schools in their digitalization. This strengthens our educational project to support the success of our students. »

In this initiative, all the actors of the school were involved (teaching staff, students and families) and a governance was set up to follow the evolution of the project. The school’s director, Mr. Grégoire Albert, and his team of boarders from the High School « Nature et Services » in Sannois, as well as 3 volunteers accompanying « Apprentis d’Auteuil, participate in the bi-monthly steering committees organised by Apsia to ensure the execution of the High School Nature et Services’ digital programme.

Concrete actions to promote integration

During the current school year, 6 Apsians are following closely students in several schools through homework help sessions in French, English and mathematics.

Apsia has also looked into various solutions for reusing its unused IT equipment. 13 functional laptops were given to the foundation.

Christophe Dumoulin, Director of Apsia, said: « Every young person has assets and prospects for the future, regardless of their background and difficulties. Thanks to the actions carried out by our employees in contact with students and a parallel work on the digitalisation of schools, we want to help these young people build their careers. Putting our expertise at the service of this cause was an obvious choice and new projects are already being studied in other institutions to expand our partnership ».

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