Pourquoi faire appel à un one-stop shop digital pour vos projets SI ?

Digitalisation as an organisational innovation

How can we understand the implications of complex societal changes (teleworking, the advent of collaborative and remote tools, etc.) in the strategies and decision-making of organisations? How can we ensure better coordination of stakeholders within the company, make consensual decisions and launch relevant concerted actions? What we are experiencing implies embarking on a digital transformation strategy to overhaul traditional management models and optimise all company processes.

Often, when faced with these challenges, organisations try to implement new digital tools, thinking that this will be enough to change the habits of employees. However, before embarking on these developments, which require a real culture of change, support for digitalization is necessary. Indeed, the digital transformation of companies must go well beyond simple “cosmetic measures” and go beyond hasty implementations to follow up on the “we must digitalise everything very quickly”.

This transformation must involve the digitalisation of processes in order to optimise the internal organisation, involving all departments and employees, from managers to operational teams. By making processes more adaptable and scaling very quickly when moving to the cloud, companies can generate more revenue and thus support their growth. According to a Verizon study, 77% of companies believe that cloud technology gives them an advantage over their competitors.

In short, it is necessary to go beyond the simple integration of new tools by building a new organisation that is more agile, more flexible and always more resilient.

Digitalisation requires the transformation of the finance and IS functions

In a transformation strategy, CIOs and CFOs have an important role to play. According to recent research by Oxford Economics, around half of CFOs in SMEs and mid-sized companies cite risk management (54%) and spending visibility (45%) as the biggest challenges facing their function. In the current uncertain economic climate, organisations need to have the increased spend visibility and risk management capabilities necessary to cope with the vagaries of the markets.

The increase in the flow of financial information across the business also means that the amount of data to be processed has increased dramatically. Traditional tools, such as spreadsheets, are now obsolete. The use of big data, associated with artificial intelligence and machine learning, will necessarily make its appearance in the company.

Apsia’s mission is to innovate, advise and build the companies of tomorrow with full human responsibility.

A digital one-stop shop to drive your digital transformation

As finance professionals, you are faced with a wide range of services in the cloud market. You are having difficulty finding the right partner who has mastered both a set of market-leading solutions and all the skills needed to make your projects a success: AMOA, AMOE, Development, Functional expertise, web, ERP, etc.

To guarantee your success, Apsia has chosen to offer several Cloud solutions and to be a multi-specialist in various fields and sectors of activity.

Trying out a digital one-stop shop with a team of experienced Cloud experts means taking the gamble to transform your organisation in depth and accelerate your growth. Calling on Apsia means not being satisfied with yet another ERP or CRM tool, but including solutions that meet your specific needs.

Need to optimise your electronic document management? Dispatch hardware according to customer needs by leveraging data? Use customer and supplier transaction data to gain real-time visibility into your cash flow? In addition to implementing Cloud solutions, Apsia addresses specific needs by developing new functionalities and even business apps.

Trying out a digital one-stop shop also means benefiting from a team that is always ready to listen, resolutely focused on people, and that will translate your wishes and objectives into performance indicators.

Trying a digital one-stop shop means saving time, ensuring long-term ROI and building a relationship of trust that becomes a true partnership.

If you too would like to make a long-term commitment to stimulate the growth of your business, we offer you a free one-hour discussion :

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