In order to accelerate on its markets, Apsia changes its corporate governance: Christophe Dumoulin becomes President and Olivier Massonnat, Managing Director.

Entrepreneurship in the digital revolution

Christophe Dumoulin’s main task is to commit Apsia more deeply into its mission and to guarantee the company’s performance in the medium term.

Olivier Massonnat’s mission is to affirm Apsia’s strategic positioning in the Cloud by preparing for internationalisation and strengthening its partnerships with the main global players in software publishing, Microsoft, SAP and CEGID.

Olivier Massonnat, 41, is an EPSI Paris engineer and an Executive MBA from HEC Paris.

During his career at Apsia, Olivier has put his passion for digital transformation at the service of client performance. After having accelerated the strategic pivot of Apsia’s business model from a consulting company to a digital One-Stop-Shop provider of Intelligent Cloud, Olivier Massonnat is appointed CEO. His mission is to intensify the development of strategic partnerships with Microsoft, SAP and CEGID and to give an international dimension to the company which already operates in more than 25 countries.

Olivier joined Apsia in 2001 as a consultant in Information Systems Management. He quickly moved on to the position of Manager of Financial Institutions and then held management positions as Director of Strategy and Business Development. After meeting Christophe Dumoulin, who became CEO of Apsia in 2010, these two entrepreneurship and digital enthusiasts bought the company together in 2014. With a 2020 turnover close to 14 M€, Apsia reaches this year the 83rd place of the FW500 ranking of French Tech companies realized by Ardian.

Putting people back at the heart of business performance, even in tech!

The success of the Apsia model is based on the construction of a client relationship that is more focused on partnership-type collaboration rather than purely transactional. This has been made possible by the agility, commitment and creativity of the teams. By putting people at the heart of projects and giving meaning to clients, Apsia helps organisations succeed in the long term.

Olivier Massonnat describes the Apsia culture, which he hopes to continue to develop: “By focusing on human capital, Apsia is now recognised not only for its expertise in digital innovation but also for the quality of the interactions it develops with its clients on a daily basis. We always give priority to relationships, because an employee who feels good is an employee who gives the best of himself to complete his project with the client. We promote and encourage collective intelligence and diversity of experience. We listen to each employee who wishes to innovate in order to enrich our knowledge base and internal skills in a process of continuous improvement and collective emulation. “

Christophe Dumoulin also adds to this vision: “The values we hold and which are shared by our employees – sympathy, commitment, creativity and integrity – are part of our DNA and are reflected in our clients and all of Apsia’s stakeholders. We are very involved with charities associations such as « Les Apprentis d’Auteuil » and « Sport dans la Ville ». We regularly organise events where the funds raised are donated to these associations. We are very proud of the investment of our employees with support actions such as school accompaniment for young people in difficulty. With these enriching experiences, we are strengthening the collective dynamic around these initiatives over time. “

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