Un ERP Cloud accessible et intuitif pour votre PME avec CEGID

Tired of overly complex processes, lots of software and the many Excel files that have been piling up since your company was launched? Let’s discover CEGID XRP Flex, the intuitive, collaborative and flexible Cloud ERP…

Process improvement in an SME: a challenge to secure growth

In 2019, 50% of the ERPs used in French companies have been in place for more than 10 years… and will not support their digital transformation (Source: CXP ERP Survey, 2018). The current health crisis could well be an accelerator for digitising the processes of key functions in growing companies. To optimise the management of your business and boost your growth, you need to harmonise the way your company operates and make collaboration between your teams easier. What can you do to enable the different functions of your business to interact better? How can you improve your risk and cost management?

Capitalise on an intuitive, user-oriented and customisable solution

Opt for a unique, flexible and innovative management software solution. This is the answer provided by Cegid and its Cloud ERP: Cegid XRP Flex. In opposition to a traditional ERP, XRP Flex benefits from the flexibility of the Cloud and offers its users a complete suite of connected applications dedicated to the management of finance, accounting, sales and human resources operations.

Community-based, collaborative and intuitive, this software unifies information and processes from different business areas to facilitate data interpretation and thus, your decision making. It allows you to gain in productivity and to better manage your activity. Secure and connected, the software is focused on your experience as a user and can be customised according to your expectations.

This technology is also scalable and therefore adapts in real time to the demands of the company while benefiting from the latest innovations and updates available in the Cloud.

Finally, the adoption of a Cloud ERP such as Cegid XRP Flex compared to traditional ERP is also more economical. Indeed, the pricing is only based on your usage and not per user. The cost is therefore proportional to your level of activity. Futhermore, Cloud ERP covers all your business management needs, making it unnecessary to use multiple software packages. Free of these costs, the company will be able to focus its human, technical and financial resources on its core business.

Cegid XRP Flex is the ideal management solution for small and medium-sized companies, thanks to the diversity of its modules, its ease of use and the new development opportunities it offers.

Apsia supports you in the implementation of Cegid XRP Flex

First integrator to implement XRP Flex in France, Apsia has been awarded the prestigious Gold Partner status. For us, this award is proof of our positioning as a key player in supporting SMEs in their digital transformation.

With our successful track record in supporting numerous clients such as « Pôle Prévention », « Cojean » and « Sport dans la Ville », we do think that our expertise in Cegid solutions can help you seize opportunities and develop new perspectives. Our experts have accumulated nearly 1000 hours of training to help you achieve your objectives and continue to grow. 

According to Cédric Le Marchand, Head of CEGID’s offering: “XRP Flex is a unique and innovative solution that enables our SME customers to seize real opportunities to improve their performance and boost their growth over the long term. This Cloud ERP differs from traditional approaches by placing the user at the core of its operation and by offering an ecosystem of applications covering all the needs of the company. Thanks to this solution, our customers have gained in productivity, reduced their costs and more easily manage their financial, accounting and sales activities.”


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