Interview B SMART d’Olivier Massonnat et Perrine de Courcel : répondre aux enjeux de digitalisation avec le Cloud

Olivier Massonnat, CEO, and Perrine de COURCEL, CHO of Apsia, were the guests of Thomas Hugues on March 4, 2021 in B SMART’s ECOSYSTEM programme. This meeting was the opportunity to discuss the importance of the digital transformation and how our experts help companies to improve their processes, their performance and growth.

A fast-growing cloud market

The need to digitise processes and improve competitiveness in the context of the sanitary crisis has increased spending on public cloud services by more than 18% in 2021 to around 300 billion dollars, according to Gartner. Double-digit growth is also expected in the coming years. According to the same study, “70% of organisations using cloud services now plan to increase spending on the cloud as a result of the disruption caused by the Covid-19 crisis. “.

The Cloud: a great potential for companies

Cloud solutions meet many business objectives and offer very good returns on investment for financial management or the development of a digital customer journey via a CRM for example. Companies are often under the mistaken impression that the cost of Cloud applications is very high and that they are only reserved for CAC 40 companies.

Olivier Massonnat, CEO of Apsia, explains: “Apsia has a particularity: it is a digital one-stop-shop! The objective is to serve clients in all the areas they need to achieve their digital transformation. The idea is to bring everyday digital practices back into the company, for example to place orders in a few seconds”. All companies, regardless of their size, are able to simplify and accelerate their processes.

A single point of contact to meet all digitalization needs

Apsia offers an “all-in-one” solution in collaboration with its strategic partners such as Microsoft, SAP and CEGID. In order to support all types of companies in their digitalisation and to keep up with a market in constant evolution, Apsia is looking to recruit new experts to ensure its growth. « In a tight market, we are looking for senior profiles with business and technological awareness »”.

To join the Cloud adventure with Apsia, many positions are currently open on the Welcome to the Jungle platform.

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