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How to ensure a more reliable and flexible ERP migration?

Project description

With an ageing Finance tool that was not very adaptable, it became crucial for Cojean to equip itself with a new ERP in order to reinforce security and improve the accessibility of the tool. The new management tool therefore had to meet the challenge of making the company’s data more reliable. Thanks to the support of Apsia, a consulting firm specialising in digital transformation, Cojean chose Cegid XRP Flex.

Apsia’s contribution

In addition to the ability to integrate into an existing ecosystem, the solution selected also had to match the company’s international ambitions by adapting to the specificities of the UK-based establishments. In addition, the ERP selected also had to be able to comply with the tax constraints of the countries in which the company wished to establish itself. Cojean thus acquired a tool capable of supporting the company’s ambition to continue its expansion while preserving the human values that have made it so successful.

Founded in 2001, Cojean is a French fast food chain specialising in high-end catering. The brand offers healthy products, adapted to all diets, on the spot, to take away and in click and collect. A pioneer in eco-responsible fast food, the company has strong environmental and social values, a commitment that has been rewarded with the coveted B Corp certification. Cojean operates around forty of its own establishments in the Paris region and in London.

Grâce à de nombreux connecteurs, Cegid XRP Flex a pu s’interfacer rapidement avec les outils de dématérialisation existants de l’entreprise : factures fournisseurs, états de caisses, salaires, outils bancaires…

L’adaptabilité du logiciel permet à l’entreprise d’envisager de nouveaux usages et de faire évoluer la solution en fonction de ces besoins. Ainsi, l’entreprise a notamment souscrit au Portail Cegid Etafi afin de faciliter la gestion de ses liasses fiscales. Enfin, les mises à jour en continu de l’outil permettent à l’entreprise de bénéficier des futurs développements opérés sur Cegid XRP Flex.

“The adoption of the CEGID XRP Flex solution has enabled the IT department to be less involved in technical issues and to provide more support to the teams on the functional side. Apsia’s partner also took care of training and follow-up to ensure that the teams were fully conversant with the solution.”

Yoan Laigle, Information Systems Manager

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