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How to fully exploit the potential of the data generated by the company’s activity and thus obtain more reliable and accurate data in real time?

Project description

With the support of the APSIA teams, Evernex is now in a position to offer an exhaustive and consolidated view of all the group’s operations to their general management and investors and to envisage rapid international deployments.

Three axes have been developed in this sense:

  • Tactical” applications, with high ROI, responding to business issues that required going beyond the standard functionalities of the SAP Business ByDesign ERP;
  • A Business Intelligence tool to provide decision-makers with reliable, real-time, multi-source reporting and enable data-driven management;
  • Optimised integration of the ERP or BI with the other components of the information system to ensure that operational staff have integrated flows even when they use different tools (Salesforce CRM, other ERP systems in subsidiaries, etc.).

Apsia’s contribution

In the IT hardware maintenance market, a cloud-based solution helps customers reduce waste, carbon footprint and better recycle IT equipment.

Evernex has also increased its ROI through better management of its operations: automatic dispatch of parts to the nearest customer and warehouse, end-to-end tracking of sales shipments, multi-source management reporting…

Evernex is the specialist in multi-brand IT spare parts and data centre maintenance (servers, storage and networking equipment). For over 35 years, their offering has been to maintain customers’ IT systems well beyond the standard OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) end-of-service dates. Their approach is innovative and eco-responsible as it is based on second-hand spare parts. Ultimately, this results in significant cost savings for their customers.

To develop true business intelligence, Evernex’s finance function can now better monitor various indicators on a daily basis. Similarly, operational staff now have the tools they need for better stock management and operational and strategic reporting tools.

To meet these challenges, Apsia first stabilised the CORE Model and strengthened the SAP Business By Design ERP. This enabled it to consolidate the project management assistance of its team in France and thus prepare the industrialisation of its deployment in foreign subsidiaries. Apsia supported Evernex in integrating the SAP Cloud Platform and optimising the use of SAP Business By Design by interfacing with other IT bricks such as Salesforce.

The SAP Cloud ERP platform was naturally chosen by Evernex for its scalability and adaptability. It facilitates communication and work between all the company’s key functions and businesses.

“Beyond the ERP, which is a founding element, there is a whole logic and a more global vision to have by building a real ecosystem of highly interconnected specialised tools, offering the best seamless user experience.

I was looking for a partner to support me not just as an integrator but in the digital transformation of all the company’s functions at the heart of back office operations.

Apsia is the ideal partner because they are able to understand our business and propose solutions to enrich our processes.”

Emmanuel ROLAND, Chief Digital & Technology Officer

Used technologies

SAP Business ByDesign

Structure your company’s data and workflows (production, finance, sales, service). Quick to implement. Manage your business with a single cloud-based ERP solution.

Microsoft Power BI

Grâce à la solution Cloud Analytics de Microsoft, prenez de meilleures décisions grâce à des données actualisées, accessibles et précises.

SAP Integrated Business Planning

SAP IBP provides real-time visibility and forecasting of changes in material and production flows, as well as products and services. It enables you to build an agile and resilient supply chain.

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