Teleperformance Case study

Deployment of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations to digitalise its Finance Division


How can you digitise your financial activities and harmonise the tools of teams present throughout the world?

Project description

During its digital transformation, Teleperformance is making the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations platform available to its finance teams to increase productivity, agility and adaptability. A solution that meets the company’s needs in more ways than one!

Apsia’s contribution

Apsia is providing Teleperformance with a dedicated team of experts in Cloud and Microsoft solutions to support the international deployment of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. The speed of implementation of such a solution is possible thanks to an agile implementation methodology that allows for adaptation to specific country needs.

Teleperformance, the world leader in outsourced omnichannel customer experience management, is the strategic partner of the world’s largest companies in every sector of the economy. Teleperformance’s customer care, technical support, customer acquisition, consulting and data analysis services, as well as its integrated digital solutions and other specialized value-added services, ensure successful customer interactions. These are based on reliable, flexible and intelligent processes, with the highest security and quality standards in the industry.

The primary objective is to strengthen the role of the Finance Division in the group’s digital strategy, by devoting less time to repetitive tasks and by enabling finance staff to provide more analysis based on reliable, consistent, real-time and easily accessible data. The subsidiaries are all the more successful as all the company’s functions are affected by this transformation and the role of the finance departments is strengthened on activities with higher added value.

“Within Teleperformance, harmonising our financial management is one of our main challenges in order to make our financial processes more reliable and faster. To consolidate our decision-making on margins, operating costs, cash flows and profitability, we chose to implement a Cloud solution to industrialise our processes.

The real challenge was to align the whole group and anticipate the needs of the business lines according to the specificities of each country. Apsia, our strategic partner, has enabled us to succeed in this deployment thanks to a dedicated team that is always ready to listen, making proposals and encouraging iterations throughout the project.

To date, 25 countries have already migrated in record time (between 1 and 5 months per country). On the strength of this experience, we have already identified new areas of collaboration with our partner to support our growth.”

Furkan Biber, Project Manager

Technologies involved

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

With Microsoft Cloud ERP, maximise your financial profitability with a single intelligent data model and unified processes.

Microsoft Power BI

With Microsoft Cloud Analytics, make better decisions with up-to-date, accessible and accurate data.

Microsoft Power Platform

Easily build solutions with Microsoft Power Platform, a set of low-code tools for building applications, workflows, AI-driven bots and data analytics.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a secure collaborative platform that allows you to make and receive calls directly with advanced features such as group calls, voicemail and more.

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