Olivier Massonnat, CEO of Apsia, and Ismael Nabti, CRM Expert, hosted a webinar on Thursday 15 April on the benefits of the Cloud for the growth of SMEs. In partnership with Microsoft, we present its Digital Operations Platform (DOP), Dynamics 365. Discover now the replay of this conference!

Your company is looking to grow and become more efficient and fluid. But you are limited in your development by cumbersome processes and a horde of Excel files inherited from your start-up.

What you need now is flexible software that can centralise your data and unify your processes while adapting to your evolution. 

Cloud players have implemented a “best of suit” approach with a complete software solution to meet all business needs. Apsia and its former experts are committed to supporting their clients in this technological transition through the implementation of Dynamics 365.

According to Olivier Massonnat: “a DOP allows the company’s processes to evolve towards greater functional depth without having to reinvest, migrate or change platforms.

Find out more about our Dynamics 365 offering for growing SMEs, in partnership with Microsoft. 

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