The need to save time, move away from administrative tasks to more value-added tasks, reduce carbon footprints and improve the attractiveness of the company… all of these are benefits of digitizing and automating business processes with Electronic Document Management (EDM). By partnering with DocuWare, Apsia is expanding its solution portfolio to include DocuWare’s cloud-based EDM offering to optimize its customers’ purchasing cycle.

Initiating the digital transition of companies

Today, digital technology represents a gain in growth and productivity for SMEs in France: they could gain up to 1.5 million domestic consumers by catching up (Deloitte study 2018) and initiating their digital transition. Moreover, SMEs that make extensive use of cloud technologies have higher growth rates (on average +26%) and profitability (+21%) than SMEs that do not use them.

To succeed, this new form of work organisation must be accompanied by high-performance, secure tools in the cloud to guarantee the availability of data anywhere and at any time.

The use of electronic document management solutions (EDM) coupled with workflow systems allows for the remote management of all these common tasks in collaborative mode, without having to be physically present in the company.

DocuWare’s turnkey cloud solutions allow companies to quickly and cost-effectively dematerialize and automate their purchasing, HR and sales processes with pre-configured workflows in a secure, scalable, multi-user SaaS environment.

APSIA: a multi-business, 100% Cloud integrator recognized for its 360° expertise in digital transformation

“With DocuWare, we want to offer our customers a long-term solution that is recognized for its expertise in EDM and legislation” explains Olivier Massonnat, Business Development Director at Apsia. “We market three ERPs, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAPBusiness By Design and CEGID XRP Flex, for which we will develop connectors that will make it very easy to integrate invoice recognition with artificial intelligence. For SAP, DocuWare already has a connector, so this is a real advantage.”

DocuWare’s adaptability and flexibility are a perfect match for the solutions offered by Apsia. Apsia has made DocuWare its spearhead for intelligent recognition and document management, offering its customers many advantages, especially in terms of interoperability:

  • A recognized cloud solution;
  • Wide range of options for capturing incoming documents (Scan, Outlook, Email, Filing Form, etc.);
  • Automatic reading of embedded documents and latest generation AI for invoice recognition;
  • A workflow that allows DocuWare to be connected to the ERPs marketed by Apsia: Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP Business By Design and Cegid XRP Flex;
  • Storage of invoices with legal value and a reliable audit trail.

Initially, this partnership is based on the electronic management of invoices and should soon evolve to also cover EDM needs for other processes such as the HR function. In order to benefit from our expertise in automating your processes, tell us about your digital transformation project.

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