How can you navigate economic uncertainty while moving your business forward to growth? What key technologies should you look at and how can they help you? Join us on November 5th at the SAP Midmarket Summit France from 10am to 1pm for a unique immersive experience to discover how new technologies can support and automate your financial and business processes.

Discovering best practices of growing companies

The event season is back in full swing and SAP is offering you a unique opportunity to discuss the keys to becoming a Collaborative Enterprise. The event will feature an exclusive 360° virtual and immersive experience with cloud experts and other attendees. You will also be able to try out the new innovations in SAP software, thanks in particular to a Serious Game specially designed for you, and discover the business solutions that meet your digital transformation challenges. All the content you find relevant will be available for download and archiving in a virtual library for future reference.

Join us at the SAP® Midmarket Summit France on November 5th 2020 from 10am to 1pm to live this unique event experience. Come and:

  • Listen to the experiences of other SME/ETI leaders and discuss live
  • Explore the latest solutions and tools from the SAP ecosystem and its partners in an immersive and interactive virtual environment
  • Tailor the experience to who you are (your business and industry)
  • Explore and interact at your own pace
  • Stay focused on your interests and priorities
  • Experience SAP solutions and tools in real time

Engage with you to transform your organisation into a Collaborative Enterprise

The digitalisation of our practices implies the implementation of a real culture of change within organisations. Apsia has understood this by offering a support strategy for the implementation of structuring solutions for its clients. Understanding your needs, technical expertise, implementation of solutions adapted to your business, support for employees… everything is done to transform your organisation into a Collaborative Enterprise and thus benefit from competitive advantages enabling you to increase your performance:

  • Make better decisions thanks to coordinated planning that eliminates silos between departments and enables optimal collaboration with functional units;
  • Leverage real-time data and predictive analytics, providing everyone with full visibility, dynamic reporting and real-time information;
  • Consolidate real-time planning and budgeting across your organisation;
  • Accelerate financial transformation with advanced automation and a continuous accounting approach that brings together people, processes and technology to meet reporting needs.

To meet your digital transformation challenges, it’s on 5 November in partnership with SAP or contact us directly to review your objectives if the wait is too long by then 😉

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