Transforming the Finance function with a single cloud platform, harnessing data for better business management, creating a resilient supply chain… so many sessions to guide you in your digital transformation projects. Register now to participate in the 2021 edition of SAPPHIRE NOW, an immersive and interactive virtual experience to learn all about the latest opportunities in digital innovation.

SAPPHIRE is one of the two major annual trade fairs organised by Europe’s leading software solutions provider, SAP. Organised internationally, this event will take place in Europe and America from 7 to 10 June and in Asia from 21 to 24 June 2021.

This major keynote event, in addition to being an opportunity for Christian Klein, CEO of SAP, to announce and demonstrate new products, is also an opportunity for you to interact with users, experts, software managers, and SAP partners such as Apsia, a SAP Gold Partner and one-stop-shop-Digital in the Cloud.

At this event, you will discover turnkey solutions that will enable you to seize new development opportunities, optimise business management through strategic decisions and boost your growth in a sustainable way by enriching your forecasts, promoting collaboration between your business functions and improving your cost management and risk management.

Business sector, IT, Purchasing, Logistics, Human Resources, Customer Experience, SME/ETI and Finance are the 8 themes that you will have the opportunity to explore through round tables and interactive workshops.

Speakers from different backgrounds will be present to allow you to go deeper into the subject of your choice and to discuss with you the challenges of your digital transformation.

Apsia is fully associated with SAP to help you in the implementation of these solutions.

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