Olympsiades solidaires d'Apsia

The Apsians did not wait more than a few weeks after the Apsiarun, their 2.0 solidarity race, to challenge themselves together around a brand new challenge! While opportunities to do sports are becoming increasingly rare, and despite the cold winter, there is nothing better than a competition that brings together all the Apsians around different events with a sporting focus, but not only… Discover the Olympiad with the Apsia way : the OlymPSIAde.

Constantly innovating is undoubtedly one of Apsia’s leitmotivs. At the beginning of 2021, Apsia has therefore decided to organise its own games, called OLYMPSIADES. An original, solidarity-based event made in Apsia.

Always motivated to test their team cohesion, as well as their sense of commitment, the Apsians have taken to the game of the Olympsiade. On the menu were 4 events:

  • Strength/agility,
  • Quiz,
  • Photo contest,
  • Endurance.

The Apsians were divided into 5 teams to support 5 associations through 5 funding pot.

There were two ways to raise the funds: win an event or make a simple donation. The Apsians showed that they were generous and good performers.

The photo competition saw the most beautiful cat scenes and the best sunsets of the French coastline compete.

Then, a quiz allowed each Apsien to revise their knowledge of mathematics and literature.

Apsians also had to surpass themselves with an endurance test. To get home in time for the curfew, some of them broke their personal records. They managed to cover more than 431.81 kilometres, a real feat!

Keep Going !

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