Finance Department

How can you calculate truthful and reliable numbers that could be easily monitored and audited?

How can you cope with regulatory, fiscal and social obligations? How to produce quality synthetic reports at the right time with the best format? Or how to suggest places for analysis and for driving to a better business? We are providing an uncomparable know-how, from the financial system conception to its implementation, and its use. We know how to evaluate an accounting software package, to set up all processes, to transfer all ongoing and old balances, to complete tax declarations and monthly status reports, or to control annual accounts. We can also design and implement an analytical system with its related reporting tools.

This dual competency is making our consultants the efficient and trustful links between your services and your technical interlocutors.

Some examples of our know-how:

  • For Financial institutions insurance companies, we are defining accounting schemes of all transactions upstream, towards the financial systems downstream.
  • For Public and international organisations we are offering our own I2MAX solution, for a dual accounting of all transactions : budgetary and social accounting, with commitment management.
  • Within large Organisations, we are implementing Business Management solutions for your Accounting and for helping you Driving your business.
  • For small- medium sized business or subsidiaries of large organisations, we are providing the following ERP solution: Microsoft Dynamics AX.