Cloud Solutions for Healthcare

Supporting patients throughout their journey and improving care coordination

Improving patient follow-up, strengthening health team collaboration and improving operational efficiency

Meet the challenges of the health sector

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Improving patient engagement

Attract your patients with a dedicated patient contact centre and intelligent follow-up.

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Optimising the collaboration of the health care team

Schedule and offer home and virtual visits, provide physical referrals and coordinate care for your patients. Empower your care teams to collaborate seamlessly.

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Improve clinical and operational knowledge

Achieve better health outcomes by truly enabling access to your health data. Processing this data can then fuel improved patient care, clinical insights, data analytics, machine learning and AI.

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Operating intelligently and efficiently

Industry players are under constant cost pressure and resource constraints. Take advantage of digitalization and IoT opportunities to make analysis and predictions to better predict future investments.

By digitalising the patient journey and the healthcare value chain, personalise your service offering to improve the quality of life of the patient.

How Cloud ERP provides better clinical and operational insight that will help you predict risk and improve patient care

Activate patient monitoring

Organise and automate marketing and patient follow-up with a single, unified cloud application combining ERP, CRM and analytics.

Improving the management of pathologies

Consolidate patient health information. Create and deploy AI-powered, compatible virtual health assistants to quickly find appropriate and nearby care.

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Transforming the healthcare pathway through safer and more connected patient experiences

  • Monitor and manage patient interactions and communications. Patients can schedule appointments, view care information and communicate with healthcare staff.
  • Create, customise and activate new patient care programmes.
  • Plan and conduct remote virtual visits with patients.
  • Securely access and share actionable data to help improve patient care.
  • Create systems of engagement in healthcare by connecting data from multiple systems of record.

Cloud solutions to digitalise your finance

Move beyond transactional financial management to implement proactive operations that improve decision making, protect revenue, mitigate risk and reduce costs.

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SAP Business By Design

Structure your company's data and flows (production, finance, sales, service). Quick to implement. Manage your business with a single cloud-based ERP solution.

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A modern, high-performance tool offering complete functional coverage. Customisable tool. Cloud solution. Tailored pricing. Simple & connected ERP.

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