Business Project Management

Are you planning to enhance your Information System?

The scale and complexity of your project require a collaboration with a trusted partner!

To help you achieve your goals, our consultants fully adapt themselves to your organisation and your business activities in order to assist you with the project management imperatives.

Always at your service, we make sure that any change in your system perfectly matches your requirements.

Along with the different phases of your project we bring you a valuable expertise in Information Systems. Apsia supports you with:

  • The definition of your needs (understanding the requirements constraints of the users).
  • The appropriate choice of solution and service providers.
  • The adequacy between the provided services and the initial expectation.
  • The documentation of business procedures around the new solution.
  • The identification of organisational impacts within the business entities involved in the solution.
  • The solution deployment (its functional organisation and management).
  • The change management (design, documentation, training and user support once the solution is deployed).

Apsia also assists you with project steering and transversal communication within the project (by monitoring schedules and activities of various committees).