Data Integration

Your Information System is becoming more and more complex and is the made of different and complex other tools? Their integration over the time has become a real challenge for your business?

With the experience of its consultants, Apsia can help you uniformize your dataflow management!

  • Either based on the components provided by your database management systems.

  • Or by using the best tools of the market, currently in use and pleased by our clients.

Depending on your needs and budget, our approach allows you to reduce your maintenance costs while enhancing the reliability of your data.

Apsia is offering the solutions that will meet your expectations:

  • Data plateform standardization projects, using integration components of your SGBD: Microsoft SQL Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Data Integration Platform implementation projects, based on the Open source Solutions: Talend Integration Suite software package.
  • Accounting Integrator industrialisation projects, based on specific integration solutions: SAI (ex-RDJ) from the software company Axway, or ISIE from the software provider ACA

Depending on your know-how, your goals and your budget, Apsia will help you define all the different steps to be followed: from the projet management outsourcing to the software package settings, but also the project management oversight and project integration, if you wish, the entire management of the project.

Based on the experience of its Board or Directors and its consultants, Apsia is guarantying you a reliable and deep analysis, prior any evolution that will, for sure, bring you a full satisfaction !