ERP Projects

SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc…Apsia guides you and sets up the most adapted ERP solution to your needs which will help you achieve your goals !

For the last 20 years, we have been accompanying companies in their change projects and in a better organisation of their management system.

Understanding your goals, formalizing your needs, evaluation of your potential, costs, risks and delays, change organisation.

We are helping you making the best ERP choice, we are installing it and we are guiding you for an efficient use of it.

A recent survey* showed that, out of 1600 companies that have installed a new ERP system between 2005 and 2009:

  • 72,4% have faced at least 3 of the following problems : delays and budget not fulfilled, no profits.
  • 68% have not seen any impact on their profit (<50%).
  • 40% have experienced problems during the launching period.
  • 31 % have met at least 2 of the above problems.
  • 30 % of the employees and managers said they were not satisfied by the ERP solution.

*Survey carried out in 2010 by the Panorama Consulting Group, based on the sample of 1600 firms of all sizes and operating in EMEA, North America and Asia.

However, the benefits of an ERP system are strongly progressing with technology and constantly offers both an easier approach and greater opportunities.

The negative outcome of the above survey is very often the result of a project badly defined, a solution not adapted, or an implementation badly managed.

It is not only its strong experience gained throughout many projects and a methodology entirely adapted to the ERP business but also its know-how based on process customisation, and finally a strong involvement in every steps of the project, that the consultants from Apsia are offering you so that your project only knows success while handling the full benefits of an ERP system.