SAI & ISIE Rule Design

Since 1999, Apsia has been designing Accounting Rule for the major banking and insurance companies around the world !

Most of our clients are using the Axway Software RDJ, XRDJ or SAI (Syncrony Accounting Integrator), or the ACA Software ISIE as their internal accounting data integration software.

Our consultants have been deeply trained and have extensive experience in designing accounting rules using a broad range of software versions:

  • Axway RDJ v5
  • Axway RDJ v8
  • Axway XRDJ
  • Axway SAI
  • ACA ISIE V600

In addition, our business analysts and our consultants are combining both accounting and IT skills to ensure that we provide you with the best results.

The purpose of accounting rules is to transform business events sent by the upstream banking solutions into accounting journals. Our RDJ, SAI or ISIE consultants can help you during the entire process of designing and implementing:

  • The business event's record structure (based on the upstream system data model and on the accounting schematics to be applied),
  • The accounting journal's record structure (based on the downstream system journal model),
  • The modification rules, in case any data enrichment is required,
  • The transformation rules, in order to generate the accounting journals,
  • The balancing rules, in order to ensure the production of balanced journal entries,
  • The documentation or retro-documentation of the accounting rule implemented in RDJ, SAI or ISIE,
  • The testing phase of the accounting rule implemented in RDJ, SAI or ISIE.

Apsia’s expertise in accounting integration also allows us to extend our solutions further within your accounting architecture:

  • We help you defining the best architecture: number of integration layers, reject handling and recycling, audit trail and process monitoring.
  • Moreover, we also support you in the design of your own in-house accounting systems using various types of EAI or ETL software such as Talend or Microsoft SQL Server SSIS for example.
  • We are finally providing you with a unique booklet detailing the best accounting integration practices as well as a maintenance strategy adapted to you business environment.

Did you know that data integration softwares are also used to answer a wider range of needs other than accounting needs ? Indeed, they are providing tools allowing the Risk-Weighted Assets calculation (RWA Bâle II), some statistics extraction and even some regulatory reporting (ESTD extraction, CRPs, etc)

Should you want to share your current needs or require more information on accounting rules, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we will come back to you with the results you expect!