Telecoms, Medias and Services

Are the relationships, client management and development of your client database crucial to your business activity? Our job is to adapt and optimise your processes so that you can fully take advantage of every piece of your Information System.

For the last 20 years, Apsia has been working with, has delivered and has earned trust from the largest Telecoms, Medias and Services groups.

Today's very competitive business environment is charactised by:

  • Technically complex systems
  • Very high volume of "small" customers
  • Time-to-market dependency

Our expertise allows us to understand your requirements in details, in order to provide you with the most adapted and efficient solutions.

Thus, we support you in all your projects and process optimisations within your information systems. We fully adapt our services to your expectations and organisations to produce visible and measurable profits.

Our services are spreading accross different areas: management and coordination of projects, assistance to project management, integration of information systems (CRM, billing, finance, business, logistics, BI, ERP).