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About us

Apsia is a consulting agency specialised in concil in innovation and information system transformation.

Our job offers

Apsia's job offers

Varied profiles

Apsia hires varied profiles

Consultant 2.0

Valentin Apsian since 2012



Consultant Senior 2.0

Nathalie Apsian since 2012

Manager 2.0

Hubert Apsian since 2015

Your Career

Apsia loves improving its talents. Each consultant is accompanied to evoluate and improve its skills.

A participatory management

We are convinced that exchange is the key of a fulfilling work, we propose to every consultant to choose its year's aim with its manager.

The training

Because we really care about every consultant's improvement, we propose a career full of personalised improvement.

The staffing steps

Before every arrival, our consultants

1 - Study the application

We study every application about two weeks

2 - First contact

After studying the application, every selected profiles will be contacter by our human ressources team.

3 - The rendez-vous

After a first call, you'll be pleased to come and meet diferent person of our Apsia team

4 - The start of your Apsia adventure !

After all the staffing steps, time is come for you to join us !

Apsia's life

Those pictures will let you know how the Apsian people live!


 27, Rue de la Rochefoucauld, Paris
 +33 1 44 69 30 90