Modern Analytics Cloud Solutions

Integrate, store and analyse your data to make it talk

Analyse, synthesise and process data from all existing information sources within your company

With Azure Data Factory, you can create and schedule data-driven workflows (called pipelines) that can incorporate data from different data shops. You can create complex ETL processes that visually transform data with data flows.

The single container includes all the functionality to store data, regardless of its size, shape or speed and to perform all types of processing and analysis across languages and platforms. With Azure Datalake, you eliminate the complexity of receiving and storing all your data while accelerating the start of batch processing, streaming, or interactive analysis.

Decision-making processes are automated in order to increase the intelligence and speed of your responses to rapidly changing markets. This allows you to focus on impactful strategic choices rather than routine, recurring, non-essential issues.

Ebook: The keys to make better decisions thanks to up-to-date, accessible and accurate data

An offer built on the basis of a reference in Business Software: Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure helps you achieve your short- and long-term goals with a proven cloud adoption framework designed to help you create and align your business and technical strategies.

With Microsoft Azure, get the benefits of the cloud:
• Near-instant deployment & continuous updates
• Unlimited scaling
• No physical resources

Microsoft Azure solutions to meet the challenges of Modern Data Analytics

A scalable, secure and evolutionary foundation
to build and progressively enrich your Modern Data Analytics chain

Real time with Azure Data Factory

Real time with Azure Data Factory

• Large-scale data integration service
• Data replication to and from a large number of sources (90+ connectors)
• Create processes with or without code

Storage with Azure Data Lake

Storage with Azure Data Lake

• A single data source
• Data access security via Azure Active Directory
• Billing based on storage needs

Visualisation and analysis with Power BI

Visualisation and analysis with Power BI

• Easy to access and intuitive interface
• Click & drag system for building reports

Benefit from detailed analysis and share relevant data visualisations: success stories

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Analyze your data for better management

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