DBV Technologies


DBV TECHNOLOGIES is a biopharmaceutical company founded in 2002. For more than 15 years, the teams have been developing a new immunotherapy route using the epicutaneous route, based on an innovative technological platform called Viaskin® as well as an access to the immune system, EPIT® (Epicutaneous Immunotherapy).

Business issue: How to support the company’s growth with a scalable and evolving Cloud platform?

Solutions deployed: Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Pain points

DBV TECHNOLOGIES implemented its Cloud ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Microsoft in 2018 on a Finance scope, then in extension of scope on Supply Chain and Quality. The objective was to build the operational environment for support and corrective and evolutionary maintenance of the ERP.


  • Audit of the solution in production following a lack of satisfaction on the part of end users.
  • Industrialisation and reliability of the existing solution.
  • Change management support for users.


  • Reliability of the Cloud ERP.
  • Reduction in the monthly cost of the solution.
  • Improved closing time.
  • Decrease in average supplier processing time.