Team Vitality

Business issue: How to optimise financial management in the context of strong growth in France and internationally?

Solutions deployed: SAP Business By Design, SAP cloud Platform, SAP Analytics Cloud

Results: The automation of certain tasks such as the payment of certain suppliers or the accounting of certain recurring flows, thus allowing considerable time savings.

To boost its growth, Team Vitality has been raising funds for several years. The brand also relies on the best technologies to effectively manage its growth, on SAP to support it in the financial management of its activity and on APSIA to assist it in this digital transformation. Team Vitality relies on 3 key SAP solutions:

  • SAP Business By Design, a cloud-based ERP to optimise the management of finance, purchasing and stocks.
  • SAP Cloud Platform, an integration and extension platform to facilitate exchanges with the company’s ecosystem.
  • SAP Analytics Cloud, a multi-source augmented analytics solution to optimise and accelerate decision making.

“Thanks to SAP, we have all the components we need to go even further: we want to improve more on the operational side by automating all of our legal, quality and logistical processes. The long-term objective is also to exploit all the data we collect on our platforms such as Twitch and Twitter to be able to make the link between interactions with our fans and purchases in our webshop”

Franck Boniface, COO at Team Vitality.