SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public

The next-generation Cloud platform offering you a complete range of solutions

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SAP S/4HANA, the Cloud platform that improves your daily life in every aspect

SAP S/4HANA guarantees agility, efficiency and performance

An intelligent cloud platform to serve your objectives

Take advantage of SAP S/4 HANA's machine learning and predictive analytics with Apsia teams that will automate, optimise and streamline all your business processes.

Unparalleled responsiveness to markets

Set your business strategically in the right direction and gain in agility thanks to the unique architecture of SAP S/4HANA. With the help of our Cloud experts, configure the solution to suit your needs.

A solution combining compliance and security

Improve identity and access governance control to protect your confidential business data. SAP S/4HANA complies with tax and accounting requirements and regulations.

Technology to enhance your performance

Capitalise on the platform's in-memory database to process your data in real time. The technical expertise of our teams will enable you to implement better data management and more effective decision-making.

Apsia is stepping up a gear with SAP S4/HANA Cloud Public, the cutting-edge Cloud ERP solution.

Rise With SAP: an ecosystem of solutions to boost your performance

A genuine core model for optimising your key functions, the platform enables you to broaden the scope of your problem-solving with complementary solutions to support your company's development in the areas of BI (SAC), supply chain (IBP) and construction (app creation).

SAP S/4 HANA Cloud is a cutting-edge platform that offers unrivalled processing power thanks to the Rise With SAP ecosystem of solutions. With Apsia's technical support, implement a Data Driven policy within your company and make informed decisions!

SAP S/4 HANA Cloud est conçu pour faciliter votre utilisation. Grâce aux spécialistes Apsia, bénéficiez d'une expérience utilisateur fluide et intuitive. Concentrez-vous enfin sur l'essentiel sans perdre de temps avec des process complexes.

Thanks to the Apsia experts, adapt the platform to your unique needs! Their technical input will enable you to benefit from a wide range of applications and integrations to improve your productivity.

Security is one of the strong points of SAP S/4 HANA. The platform is designed to protect your data and applications, even when you're working remotely.


High added value for your business

  • Highly scalable, thanks to the availability of unlimited resources
  • Process automation to improve productivity and reduce errors
  • Improved profitability through optimised performance and reduced operating costs
  • High level of reliability thanks to an extensive network and a large number of servers, limiting the risk of breakdowns
  • No maintenance, the solution provider takes care of everything
  • Cloud Solutions interoperable with your existing IT environment
  • Enhanced security to protect sensitive company data
  • Better visibility of data for in-depth analysis and informed decision-making

Les solutions SAP complémentaires

Connectez-vous aux systèmes dont vous avez besoin aujourd’hui et à tout ce dont vous aurez besoin demain en vous interconnectant avec les autres solutions de la Business Transformation Plateform.



  • SAP IBP offers real-time visibility and the ability to forecast changes in the flow of materials and production, as well as products and services. It enables you to build an agile and resilient supply chain.

SAP Business By Design

  • Structure your company’s data and workflows (production, finance, sales, after-sales). Quick to implement. Manage your business with a single cloud ERP solution.

SAP Analytics Cloud

  • SAP Analytics Cloud combines BI, augmented and predictive analytics, and planning in a cloud environment.

Are you looking to move into the Cloud with an innovative, scalable solution like SAP S/4 HANA?