Public Sector I2MAX

The Public-Sector solution inside Microsoft Dynamics AX !

Today, the government in asking its agencies and organisations for a better performance and transparency in their operations and a greater flexibility to adapt to new missions.

The Public-Sector Management Solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX:

Designed to fulfill the public agencies and organisations needs, I2MAX allows them to drive all their management processes using one single software package adapted to the different business operations and flexible enough to take into account any new process and any new functionality, while remaining entirely open to their actual business softwares and external partners.

I2MAX 2012 solution is compliant with the decree N°2012-1246 dated 7th November 2012 on public accounting and budgeting management (RGBCP).


Monitor your budget:

  • Integrated Budget Management including expenses, income and expenditure management.

  • Simultaneous Budget versions Management ( primary, amended versions).

  • Tracking of all transactions attached to all budgetary writings.

  • Budget allocation per nature and program.

  • Monitor your budgets implementation within your organisation.

  • Customized workflows to manage the approval of budget transfers before integation in budget.

  • Annual or multiannual budget management mode.

Monitor the cash coming in and out at all times:

  • Commitment Management (Legal / and Accounting) using setup parameters. Each payment and each income can be linked to a commitment on the budget line. Each commitment can be amended during the budget period using an amendment which is subjet to an approval process previously configured.

  • Visualize the remaining balance of your Budget lines at all times.

  • Budget and commitment monitoring at each transaction.

Simultaneously bookeeping of your budget accounting, your general accounting and your analytical accounting:

  • Parallel management of a cash based accounting and accrual based accounting.

  • Analytical accounting directly available at any transaction level using analytical axis, or produced via the redemption of general accounting transactions.

  • The cash based accounting method allows to register the cash coming in and out depending on the configured event that will set off the registration ( invoicing, order, cash received, cash paid out). Thus, it provides a greater flexibility to adapt to each operational view.

Monitor the financial situation of the opportunities/contracts:

  • Each commitment of payment can be mapped to a specific contract/opportunity, allowing the creation of pruchase orders from the created commitment.

  • Purchase orders and invoices can also be mapped to their contract to ensure a financial follow-up of each contract / opportunity.

Manage your staff expenses:

  • One option in I2MAX is to manage travel requisitions and the reimbursement of the staff expenses.
  • Based on the rules and criteria of your company, you can easily and automatically calculate each expense to be refund to your employee ( hotel and travel expenses, daily allowances, etc).
  • Travel expenses directly ordered and paid through a travel agency can also be integrated into the expenses module in order to get a complete cost of each mission.

Manage your employees and your payroll (based on regulations from coordinated organisations):

  • Each employee has its own card, detailing all his historical data: marital status (wife, husband, children), professional status ( history of past experiences), history of contracts (positions, grades/steps), contacts in case of emergency.

  • Possibility to calculate your employee’s salary according to different factors : grade, steps, position, marital status, international experiences, allowances... These calculations are also flexible to adapt staff regulations of each institution.

  • Recording of all extra sources of income paid to your employees (compensation when moving out, travels, etc) providing a complete traceability of all payments.